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What Comprises the Best Board of Directors?

Having sat on numerous Boards (both charitable and private sector) over the last 30 years, I have come to realize that the best Boards have a number of members from well outside the company itself, and even outside of the industry as a whole. This gives the Board members a distinctly different perspective and viewpoint on what is best for the company as a whole. If the Board of Directors is comprised solely of members of the company, then the Board meetings are really just an extension of the weekly office meetings of the company itself.

Now, Telos isn't really a company, and, as such, won't have weekly office meetings. But, the independent block producers will be in frequent communication as the needs arise, which serves a similar purpose. As such, I think it is important to have the Board have members with backgrounds in brick and mortar, and professional businesses, well outside the blockchain and internet ecosystems.

I have been a professional musician for 50 years, a businessman (as Managing Director of two multi-million dollar real estate corporations), and a physician (M.D.) seeing over 140,000 patients for the last 30 years. I have sat on numerous Boards, including the Arthritis Foundation, symphony orchestra boards, and other medium-sized private sector corporation boards. I feel as an computer science outsider, who also has a broad general understanding of the blockchain (in particular EOS and Telos, having founded two BP candidate teams- EOS the World, and Big Iron), I can bring a combination of outside business savvy combined with a level of understanding of a governed blockchain that is rather unique and important for a best practice Board of Directors. As with everything I do, I will give my utmost to see to it that Telos is the successful blockchain we all know it can be.

I welcome your thoughful consideration and vote to join the other exceptional candidates on the new Telos Foundation Board of Directors.

Thank You,

Brett Jeffery, M.D.

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