Big Iron is a completely autonomous, self-funded, team of professionals who have all had very successful careers in our different chosen fields, whether it be computer science, business, entrepreneurial, or medical careers. We have all worked extremely diligently in our careers, with laser-like focus, and had extremely honorable, upstanding careers. We pledge to never doing anything that could be interpreted as besmirching or sullying the Telos Foundation brand, nor our own reputations, such as “buying votes”, giving dividends, or any other form of renumeration to those who have voted for our BP candidacy, or any other form of corruption or fraud, and are willing to put up a performance bond as collateral should we ever be found to have violated this pledge.

We do not support other block producers who might choose to participate in this kind of activity, and take something of a less than favorable view of block producer candidates who air-drop free tokens to Telos stakeholders, when these free tokens might be of value only if those BP candidates are elected by those who received the free tokens. This could easily be construed as an attempt to influence voting for personal financial gain of the voter, rather than voting for the candidates who might best grow and support the Telos Foundation blockchain.